Gary Hor

I'm a


Software Engineer

Enthusiastic full stack software engineer with a background in education and mental health.

  • GitHub: g-hor
  • WellFound: g-hor
  • City: Brooklyn, NY, USA

During high school and college, I performed as a bass singer in a cappella groups. It was my job as a bass to maintain good tempo and provide a base (pun intended) layer on top of which the rest of my group could sing. Although I am no longer affiliated with any musical groups, I consider myself a soloist in the shower. When I am coding, I am often listening to American hip-hop and Chinese ballad playlists on Spotify and singing vicariously through them!


I have a keen eye for design, and I pride myself in my communication and collaborative skills. In addition to the technologies listed below, I am proficient with:
Redux, MongoDB, Mongoose, Node.js, Express, SQL, PostgreSQL, Git, SASS, D3, and AWS.

CSS3 90%
JavaScript (ES5 & ES6) 85%
HTML5 85%
Ruby on Rails 90%
React 85%
Ruby 85%



A Pinterest-inspired single-page media sharing application using: React / Redux, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, AWS, HTML5, and CSS3

  • Developed a user profile editing system with multiple interactive forms by tracking local state and user input
  • Designed a robust PostgreSQL database schema that effectively established functional relationships among users, boards, and pins by utilizing a joins table
  • Integrated AWS for image hosting to enable media sharing functionality for creating posts and customizing a user profile‚Äôs avatar

United Stats of America

A JavaScript data visualization of mental health and drug use statistics using: JavaScript, D3, HTML5, and CSS3

  • Created a choropleth map of the U.S. by mapping TopoJSON and CSV data to color each state based on its deviation from the national average
  • Incorporated zooming functionality and modals displaying state-level numerical data using the D3 library and vanilla JavaScript for smooth user experience and informative interactivity
  • Implemented a CSV data filter system with document listeners that dynamically applied color schemes based on user selections


A networking forum that connects remote players of various games using: MongoDB, Express, React / Redux, Node, AWS, HTML5, CSS3

  • Collaborated with a team of 4 engineers, utilizing efficient git and pull request workflow to minimize potential merge conflicts
  • Unified the team as the lead frontend developer by identifying core themes in the user interface and troubleshooting communication between the frontend and backend
  • Restructured the frontend and backend to enable commenting functionality by properly linking frontend React components with backend data in MongoDB

Professional Experience

Member Resource Specialist (Temporary)

August 2022 - November 2022

1199SEIU Training and Employment Fund, New York, NY

  • Optimized status reports of candidate pools by job category through the production and tabulation of outreach data using Microsoft Excel
  • Achieved over 300% increase in candidate interviews by performing outreach to an average of 50 clients per day

Advocate Counselor

April 2021 - March 2022

Good Shepherd Services, New York, NY

  • Managed a caseload of 50 to 60 undercredited high school students and provided biweekly outreach and counseling sessions
  • Increased the graduation rate of assigned individual caseload from 50% to 80%


Certification in Software Engineering

April 2023

App Academy, New York, NY

Immersive software development course with a focus on full stack web development and collaborative programming

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

August 2020

CUNY Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY

summa cum laude (GPA: 4.00)


Click on any of my projects for more pictures, information, and links.


A MERN stack application


A full stack Pinterest-inspired application

United Stats of America

A vanilla JavaScript data visualization